Digital Curriculum is Here to Stay has ended
Digital Curriculum is Here to Stay.

Join our free, 1-day online event to get ahead of the transition.

In the quick pivot to distance learning scenarios during the spring of 2020, teachers and students were asked to disrupt their entire way of learning. We’re all hoping for a better year than what 2020 brought us. But as the saying goes, “Plan for the worst, hope for the best,” you’re probably reading up on digital curriculum to have covered all of your bases. 

At its best, a digital curriculum is much more than a safety net, or a cloud drive of static PDFs. Digital curriculum allows you to edit and contextualize instruction based on student performance, cultural relevance, or personal teaching and learning styles. And with the ability to plan and distribute curriculum alongside assessment data, going digital opens up a world of possibilities not previously thought possible with print curricula.

Whether your school is engaging in distance learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid model, digital curriculum means more flexibility for schools and districts. It provides in-depth differentiation data for teachers. It supports digital literacy skills for students. It creates opportunities for parents to stay in the loop.  

Digital curriculum allows educators to holistically tackle initiatives and proactively support students. Kiddom offers highly-rated, standards-aligned OER curriculum, available to edit and build from in our adaptive digital learning platform. Join us for a virtual summit with digital curriculum thought leaders to discover the art of the possible in your school or district. As part of this free, online event:

  • Hear from school and district leaders on the benefits of going digital for educators and students

  • Attend a morning talk show session on the impact of digital curriculum on teachers and students

  • Learn how you can effectively implement digital curriculum from classroom teachers who have seen and done it all.

avatar for Christopher Kemper

Christopher Kemper

Stone Corral School
Visalia, CA
I have had the opportunity of being in education the past 38 years.  I started as an elementary school teacher.  I taught grades 3-8. I then became a Project Coordinator.   This was a fun position because I was able to work with teachers in instruction, curriculum, and classroom management.  I managed categorical budgets ordered cool stuff and, coordinated testing and assessment.
I then became a vice principal and principal for many years. This was challenging yet exciting in the quest for student achievement. It gave me the opportunity to work with staff, parents, students, and community members to help bring about this student achievement. I got a lot of experience in working in facilities, budget, personnel, curriculum, and instruction, and assessment. I was always at big schools and I was getting old (I don’t feel old) and wanted to move to a smaller district. I thought it would be motivating and quaint. I am now a teacher/principal/superintendent. I learn things every day about all aspects of education and I am very excited about learning how I can become more effective in the classroom. I think I will be able to lead the staff to be more effective by applying what I learn and sharing during PLC time.
I want to learn about how to be an effective educator in the new digital/hybrid/COVID era.
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